Thursday, October 21, 2010


Everyone says that girls are great at multi-tasking. I would agree with that. However, I have found that my multi-tasking has a limit. Yesterday I was attempting to do an assignment while curling my hair. For those of you who have never curled your hair, it can be a dangerous practice waving that curling iron around. While in the process, I received a phone call from a friend whom I hadn't spoken to in a long time. So of course, I took the call. Well, to all of you who doubt that I could curl my hair, do my homework, and talk on the phone at the same time, you are wrong. I was successful. However, my attention was slightly distracted to everything else. So I grabbed my hairspray to make sure that the curls would stay and sprayed it on. Right about then I looked in the mirror and realized I had a problem. My hair was all of a sudden covered in white foamy stuff. After a second of confusion I looked in my hand and realized the bottle I had grabbed from underneath my counter was not the intended hair spray, but instead the scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner. Oops. Needless to say I had to start all over on my hair, and cut down the tasks I am doing at the same time. Slowly but surely I am losing my mind :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Times!

I LOVE FALL! The crispness to the air that comes as it starts to cool down, the fresh feeling all around, and especially college football! It is one of my very favorite times in Utah. Although it only lasts for a very short time, I love watching the colors creep down the mountains. The steady march from Green, to yellow and red to brown is really quite stunning. Then they fall to the earth, and we get to have the fun of stepping on the crunchy leaves.

It reminds one that life is cyclic...that things are always changing, but that the change is not necessarily bad. It is interesting as well to think that something so beautiful comes from the leaves dying. Normally people think of death as a bad thing. With leaves, it is a necessary thing...that might be a challenge to the tree. However, there is always a Spring that follows the fall (after a crazy cold period of time known as Winter...) and everything comes to life again. Kinda like real life...sometimes we have challenges that seem fatal, but we can always find the beauty during that time, and eventually that passes, life goes on, and flowers come again.

So enough for my pondering thoughts at the moment.
I went hiking up Logan Canyon and here are some of the pretty pictures! I wish I had a better camera...but at least you get a bit of a feel for how it looked. I was surprised at how pretty the whole canyon was. I had never been there before, but I hope to make it back!