Friday, April 25, 2008

Wonderful World of Travel

I have realized that I take for granted many of the things we have in life. Yesterday I was sitting in an apartment on one side of the country. Within 5 hours I had gotten in a car, driven for 45 minutes, boarded a plane and a couple hours later was on the complete opposite side of the country. It hardly seemed possible considering I had an entire row to myself on the plane, and was able to lay down and sleep/read/listen to music the entire time. All the things I haven't been doing for the past couple of weeks. Now I have the pleasure of spending a very few days with the people I love most in the entire world, and in a week I will be in a different country all together. Who would have known this was possible 50 years ago. If I had left Georgia for Utah back then, chances are I would never have seen all the wonderful southern people again. How thankful I am that we have modern inventions and I am able to come home to the wonderful, green, humid, happy, welcoming place! If you can't tell already, I am so very happy to be home that I can hardly stand it!! I will have to put some pictures up for all of you who have never been blessed enough to come to the South. It really is a wonderful place. Where else could you have the conversation where someone asks for a coke Sprite and everyone understands. Anything carbonated in Atlanta is a Coke...then one must specify what type.

Here are some of the top reasons that Georgia is amazingly wonderful:
1. The Atlanta Braves- we won tonight
2. Humidity- you don't use lotion every 10 minutes
3. TREES!!!! everything is so very green
4. It is warm here... around 80
5. Southern Hospitality
6. University of Georgia and SEC football
7. We use y'all and all y'all
8. The Varsity, and real BBQ
9. The Chattahoochee River
10. Thunderstorms

Just to name a few, the complete list would be far to long to post.

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Katria said...

And then there's me (your favorite OCD roommate) who left Provo yesterday afternoon and found herself in FLORIDA (I know, I know. Not Georgia) last night. WEEE!!!