Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vote for Someone GREAT!

You know those people who you see and think "I could never handle a trial that well"? I know people like that personally. Some of the people in my family are fantabulously amazing at life, and I hope that one day I will have their faith and optimism.

So this is a bit of a solicitation. My cousin Cindy Lynn is one of the most amazing people that I know! She has Cystic Fibrosis and is attending BYU Idaho. She was also recently married to a great guy. Unfortunately, this means that her insurance is no longer covering all of her VERY expensive treatments. She has qualified for a scholarship that will donate some of her medications. In order for her to win the award her page must receive the most votes. Each computer can vote once a day until October 15th. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to do this for her if you get a chance. In her words "American Idol has gone Pharmaceutical." This only takes a second and you can vote from on this page.
Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!

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Linze Kate said...

I was really impressed for a second - I thought this was about the 2008 Political Elections! Haha...

I am still impressed and consider it done.... cause it is.