Sunday, March 22, 2009

Little Tid-bits of Her Letter to Me!

So, I haven't had an group emails from Sarah in the past two weeks, but I have gotten letters and emails from her each week. Thus, I thought I would post some of the stuff that she has written me that I know she wouldn't mind me sharing. Here are so things she has written me in her last few letters...

"We don´t actually have daylight savings here for another 3 weeks. Why is it different...I don´t know. Because Portugal has this weird desire to do everything different. Strange strange country. BUT...I love it! Definitely miss some things about the good old USA, but I do love it here too."

"The church is true, the gospel is the most important message in the world. We are so lucky to have it. I see the miracles in my life every day."

"Okay so I have to admit, Knowing that dancesport was last weekend made me a bit trunky. I was sad, but then I remembered I am doing something better... so It doesn´t matter...yay. I´m glad it was good though. I want pictures. Mostly I want pictures of you." - She meant this about ALL her friends too, so send her pics!!!

"As for the progression of the work....Braga has been pretty dead for a couple transfers. Probably helps that my companion, as much as I love her, doesn´t get out of bed until 11-12 every day, so we never have studies, we never really plan and we hardly have things marked. Of course then she doesn´t want to knock doors both as no input of what to do then. However, Irmã Ray laid down the law this past week and things have been looking up. We are teaching a couple people, almost none of whom are actually Portuguese. It is hard, because these past couple weeks I have felt as if I am not doing any good here, and that someone else could do a much better job. It is sad to not be able to see all your work going anywhere. HOWEVER, I have faith that it will get better. We are working better this week, and we are even marking someone for baptism....if all goes as planned.

I had an interesting thought from scripture studies that I am going to share. In Alma 20:23 the King offers up half of his kingdom in return for his life. Two chapters later, 22:15 he says that he would give up everything for the knowledge of the gospel. Interesting huh....his life was only worth half the kingdom, but the gospel is WAY more important than that. I thought it was cool!

And, now that I have written you a book, I have to go. Sorry the letter was late last week. We switched our P-day so we could go to the castle, cause everything cool and cultural is closed on Mondays. Go figure."

Please everyone! Keep writing her, or START writing her, and send her your support and love! She really missed home this past week and a half! I hope to have more to post tomorrow night.... Her address is in the entry below, so check it out and WRITE AWAY, RIGHT AWAY!!! :)

- Ridiculouslygoodlooking

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