Monday, April 6, 2009

This Week's Top 5!!!

Here are Sarah's Top 5 awesome moments from this past week - Enjoy!!!
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P.S. If you are not currently writing, Sarah... You should be. The end.

"From Sister Sarah Ray
March 30, 2009

Well, looks like our hard work is finally starting to pay off. This week we had a lot of really cool experiences.

#1 most exciting....we marked Erica for baptism in about a month. Of course that probably means that I won´t be here anymore, but oh well.

#2 We had a really cool experience with a Fª Cravo that we have been working with. We planned to teach them about fasting about two weeks ago, and haven´t actually been able to mark with them till the end of this past week. We were really frustrated with this, but as always, everything happens for a reason and we found out why. They told us that they have been trying to decide if they are going to move back to Brazil because of the economy or if they are going to stay here in Portugal. They prayed to find a way in that they could determine the right course, and two days later we showed up with our fasting message. Waldimir told us that he knew we were the answer to his prayer and they actually were fasting yesterday for one of the first times. It was a really cool experience because it definitely was not us teaching. We had a strange moment where he misunderstood the scripture reference and read one that we didn´t have prepared, but it ended up being exactly the answer that they needed. Crazy how the Spirit works sometimes. He also had the experience to bless the sacrament again this week. The last time he blessed he needed to repeat the prayer about 6 times, so he was really nervous this week. However, he knew he would have the spirit with him because he was fasting. We found out afterwards that when he got up there he was so emotional that he couldn´t read, but he said he prayed, closed his eyes, and the words just came. The spirit was way strong in our work this week. It was definitely an answer to my prayers to be able to see that our work is actually doing some good here.

#3 We had an awesome zone conference completely centered on the atonement and Queda and it was really cool. I feel like I actually understand a little more of it, and really wanted to go to the temple right afterwards. I think that I might actually understand small portion of the endowment. President made this chart about what things were good and bad about the garden of Eden, what things were good and bad after the Queda, and after the atonement. It was interesting that in the garden half were good and half were bad, after the fall, they switched places. It was still half and half but there were the other ones. He also showed us how the bad things of the garden are taken out of the bible, and as a result the good things about the fall are taken out as well. Then we looked at after the atonement and they all had plus marks...Christ really took care of everything. It is amazing. I am so thankful for the gospel!!!! It is such an amazing blessing to have in our lives.

#4 Funny story of the week. We had a service project on Saturday where we were painting a school for kids with learning disabilities. Well, we had to leave early because we had a baptism that afternoon, so about 2 we said goodbye to everyone and the missionaries exited the building. Then we found out that we were locked inside the compound and could not for the life of us find a way out....(how many missionaries does it take to open a gate...apparently more than 4) SO, being the smart people we are, we managed to squeeze out of the roof of the parking area and hop the fence. Hopefully no one saw this and associated it with missionaries...they probably thought we were breaking in or something. Luckily because we were painting, we were in pants. Blessing indeed.

#5 Funny story #2. We have decided to start taking the stairs in our apartment building, we have a small problem in that the lights in our building seem to not work most of the time. So as a result we called the elevator, which has light inside that you can see go floor to floor and pushed the button to go down 1 floor, closed the doors and ran down the stairs with the light. Opened the door on the next floor, pushed the button for the 3rd floor and ran down one flight of stairs. it was quite interesting, but we used the stairs for all 6 floors!

The church is true.

Irmã Ray"

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