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Funny moments and Finding People to TEACH!

Here is the latest and greatest installment of the "Sister Ray Jounrey!" There are TWO letter below, so - Enjoy!
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"Sister (Irma) Sarah Ray
May 17, 2009


I did just talk to you yesterday, so I don´t have a whole lot of new things to let you know about. Portugal is still here, despite our best efforts to get the whole country translated, the people just don´t cooperate. Sad day. As far as Braga goes, we are just keeping on.
Funny moments of the week:

Guilierme (The flower man) struck again! I have no idea how this guy has any idea where we will be passing and when, but I swear he must be a witch! We go city blocks out of our way to avoid his cafe, and as we are cutting through a garden with the express purpose of avoiding him, there he is waiting, to give me flowers again!!! minha nossa! Now I have just taken to hiding behind trees and Irmã Egbert to avoid being seen.

We were told Tuesday that we would have to marvelous opportunity to do the musical number at zone conference on Thursday. It actually went pretty well...we adapted a piano arrangement that we found to work with vocals and it ended up working out.

I took out stiches...who said I was getting a break from nursing. Elder Decottinies managed to cut quite a lot of his arm up and as a result had stiches for a while. He also decided he didn´t want to go to the hospital to get them taken out, so we took them out in the kitchen of the chapel with embrodary scissors. Don´t worry, We had betadine too. It was interesting...reminded me of Ecuador- make do with what you have nursing. Woohoo.

Anyway, that is about all I can think of. We are probably going to Coimbra for a baptism this week, so that will be cool. We also found out that we are going to have just a missionary meeting with Elder Perry next week, so we are all pretty excited about that. Thank you for your prayers and support. THe church is true, the gospel is worth it no matter how many people laugh at us on the streets.

Irmã Ray

Sister (Irma) Sarah Ray
May 17, 2009

Well, this week has been absolutely nuts, and is just the prelude for the week that is coming. SO, good news is that we actually found a new family here in Braga to teach...funny news...the husbands name is Paco. Yes, I had to try really hard not to laugh at that. We are actually really excited about them, and Vinda (the wife) was really excited to get the book of Mormon. She really wants a Bible too, but since we don´t have boxes of those in our apartment we have to wait until we go to Porto tomorrow. THe funny thing is when I pulled mine out to teach, she got so excited and started thanking me, so she still has my Bible until we get her another one. I´m not quite sure if I will ever get it back, but I think trading her will work.

So it seems that we have had a bit of a stomach bug going around, and both of my companions got it. Poor Irmã Egbert got really sick at a members house for a family home evening with his brother that is investigating. She spent the whole night on the floor of their bathroom, and then on the way home had to ask him to pull the car over and I got the hold back her hair and skirt while she threw up on the side of the road. Needless to say that meant a lot of time in our house this week.

Then Saturday we went back to Coimbra again for a baptism. It was quite a bit of traveling but we made it. Of course then the woman getting baptized was over an hour late to her own baptism (very nervous missionaries) and so we ended up having to leave before she even got baptized. THe sad part was is that we still ended up missing the train, and didn´t get home till after midnight. Ooops. It was definitely a go with the flow day since everything fell apart. The good news is that she did actually get baptized, we got home safely, and even had the pleasure of babysitting an Elder who had to travel to Porto alone from Coimbra. One of the few that can say he did a division with the Irmãs.

I think that is about all the interesting things for the week. We continue to be laughed at, yelled and and called all sorts of crazy things, but that is okay, life goes on and the church is true. We see miracles every week. The Lord is preparing people though, our new family is definitely a miracle. She was an investigator about a year ago, and had been thinking about us recently but had no way to get in touch with us. About a week ago she had a dream with her cousin who had died about a month ago, who asked her why she wasn´t going to church. That week she found our pass along card and called us and asked us to start coming back. Unfortunately she still didn´t come to chruch yesterday and we don´t know why yet. She hasn´t answered her phone. I´m sure it will end up good though. We have a lot of hope for the family. Love you all, thank you for the support.

Irmã Ray"

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