Monday, October 26, 2009

Irma Ray and Irma Draper!

Here is another note from our amazing Irma Ray! I won't plead with you to write, but rather encourage you to do so... She needs some mail right now. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week - let's continue to keep our friend in our prayers!
- Ridiculouslygoodlooking

"October 19, 2009
Well I am happy to report that this week was better on the health front!!! Everybody is happy and healthy and we are very excited that the weather has turned towards the fall. Today marks our first official day of fall for sister Draper and I because we have graduated from knee highs to full nylons and three quarter length shirts. WOOHOO. Now we are just dreading the dread certainty that the rain is not to far behind....blast.

In other news Irmã Draper and I have decided that we should start up a super hero team, or at least a TV show to catalogue our many adventures. Who would have known that in the process of trying to find the house of a menos activo we would manage to find a bridge that crossed nothing and went nowhere except for into a ditch, climb an entire mountain thinking we were on a street, travel to the middle of nowhere on a bus, have a surprise party thrown for me (happy one year birthday to me), and still have time to plan for the next week. Unfortunately we never did manage to find João, but we are going back this week! OH, and don´t worry, we did cross the bridge and when we got to the ditch we did what every good sister missionary would do. Buckled on our bags, gathered our skirts and jumped. Once again we emerged victorious from our fight with the wild in that there were no nylon runs involved!!!

However the best experience of the week would have to be on Sunday. We have been teaching a woman on and off who has been investigating the church for over a year and a half. We ran into her on the street Saturday and I challenged her to read a scripture a day, and we set an appointment for church the next day. Well we decided to pass by and see how the scripture reading was going last night and we actually found the Book of Mormon open to 2 Nephi 31 on her table. So, I asked her if she learned something about how important baptism was and she said yes, it is very important. My next question was “so, when are you going to be baptised?” I almost had to pick Irmã Draper off the floor who thought I was crazy, but it was good because now she is planning on being baptized next month! We are pretty excited about it, and she already has a different light about her. It is amazing the difference the gospel can make in peoples lives!!! Thank you all for the support and continued love...

Irmã Ray

October 26, 2009
YAY for the weather in Coimbra.... It hasn´t rained all week and here at the end of October it still isn´t very cold. I am loving being in the South of Portugal instead of the North.
So this week was interesting in that Irmã Draper and I were the representatives of the sister in Mission Council. Turns out our new President has decided this is the time to change pretty much everything and so we were able to help put together the new mission plan. Quite the experience. THe funny thing is that no one knows about the changes yet because zone conference is it has been a bit interesting for this week.

As for the funny experience...I know, there can´t be an email without one...who would have thought that a mission would be so funny- or maybe we are just weird after so long. Anyway, we were walking to church yesterday when we heard the familiar yell of "MORMON" we just wave a bit and keep going. However when we decided to wave to the clearly drunk group yelling at us we were greated with a distinctly English "YOU ROCK." Quite unexpected and there for very funny. I am realizing much more how thankful I am that I went to BYU as I have see the afterafects of the huge party that has been going on all week. It is interesting to note that when we leave our apartment to run every morning we are able to see all the people just finishing up and attempting to make their way back home. Kinda funny, kinda sad.

Well, sorry that there are no really cool stories this week...We spent the majority traveling, but we did manage to meet some pretty cool people on the trains. Unfortunately they no one lives in Coimbra...darn.

Our current hopes and dreams are tied up in Francisca and a new investigator we knocked into his Bonga. Yeah, I had to try really hard not to laugh when he answered. Well, until next week,

Love you all!

Irmã Ray

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1) On the internet go to website.
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3) On the next screen enter your return address and Sister Sarah Ray in the address line, add your email in the email box below the envelope.
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