Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming at you from a brand new location!

Here's the latest! There's a big change going on for her - there's a picture at the bottom. Enjoy!!!
- Ridiculouslygoodlooking

"November 16, 2009
Okay, so big news first....Remember how I said I expected to be in the coldest part of Portugal for the winter. I lied. Seems that I have won the transfer lottery and will be sweating out my Christmas on a tropical Island off the coast of Morocco. I am going to the Island to be with Irmã Call again. Weird....and REALLY exciting. So as a result of going to Madeira, my only workable address will be the island address and I would say to direct all mail there, because it will be my last area on the mission. Irmã Draper is loving that because she is inheriting all the clothes that I can´t take since we are only allowed one suitcase of 20kilos. Luckily, I don´t have to bring a coat because it doesn´t get that cold!

On other news,we now know what it is like to have a fire in Portugal. Our neighbors left the stove on when they left for the night so Irmã Draper and I were awakened to the sound of the firemen breaking down our neighbors door and putting out a fire that had resulted. Mom don´t worry...the only problem is the lingering smell on our floor. However, we did realize for the first time that there is no such thing as smoke alarms in Portugal....we prayed real hard before we went back to sleep, so I´m not worried :)

We have had a bit of a crazy week with transfer calls coming in, because the schedule is way different due to flight times for me. However, we have managed to get a good bit of work done, and we had an awesome lesson with Francisca, our investigator who is going to be baptized in a couple weeks. The only sad part about heading off the continent is that I won´t be able to come back and see the baptism.

Well, I am sure there is a whole lot of other exciting stuff, but Madeira pretty much trumps everything since there are only 10 missionaries there, it is pretty coveted. Irmã Draper has been looking at me about every 10 minutes for the past two days and saying something along the lines of.... you realize you are going to Madeira! Funny huh. Thank you all for your support and love.


Irmã Ray

November 23, 2009
Well, this week has definitely been a whirlwind of a week. I had to say all of my goodbyes to the Mainland Portugal and then catch a plane to Madeira. It was quite the interesting experience and all happened a little bit faster than I was expecting. Irmã Draper thought I was nuts trying to take pictures of all of the trains, metro, everything that I am not going to do again on my mission. it was a bittersweet moment to be staying in the mission home the night before and realizing that the next time I would be there was my last night in Portugal.
HOWEVER, that being said I am now in pretty much the coolest place ever and loving the fact that I can use short sleeves in the middle of November. We live in Funchal, which is the biggest city on the Island and also the place where all the cruise ships come in everyday. It is absolutely gorgeous and we can actually see the ocean from our balcony. Yeah, life is great. We are actually working in two branches and that means lots of names and faces for me. Hopefully I will be able to get them down in the next four months. At least I know exactly what I am getting in to seeing as how President gave me my ticket and it happens to be one of the very few round trip tickets bought by the mission. Very weird. There are no real beaches, it is all rocky cliffs but it is BEAUTIFUL. I already know it is my favorite area, but not just because it is a cool place, but because I have already felt that I have made a difference here and I finally feel that I am here for a reason. I feel like my time is so short, which is funny because in the beginning I thought it would never end. Weird
We are currently getting ready for Christmas since we can see all of the lights all over the city, we are very anxious for them to be lit! Sorry all of you from Utah, but Funchal blows Temple Square out of the water....however, it will help Irmã Call and I feel a little more Christmas-y while we are walking around in our short sleeves.... We also have some fantastic investigators, one of whom I have already become very good friends with, her life is crazy, but she just started investigating the chruch and it is amazing to see the ways her life has changed in the past week. We are hoping to baptize Liliana in two weeks, so keep her in your prayers.
Well, time is up so I will attach some P-day hike pictues and then you will know a bit of how I feel, even though pictures never really do it justice. LOVE YOU ALL!

Irmã RayThe Best way to write Sarah is: (Ok this is a change, pay attention)
A) Since Sarah is on the Island, the best way to send anything (i.e. letters, packages, etc) through regular US mail is below. This method requires US $.98 postage for letters. (Better check this out, it should be the same as before)

Sister Sarah Ray
Rua de Ponte Nova
nº 12 5P
9000 Funchal

B) The alternate way is of course Dearelder that may eventually get to her.
1) On the internet go to dearelder.com website.
2) There is a drop down box on the right hand side down just a couple inches. Enter her mission which is Portugal Porto and then click "write a letter" just below where you select the mission.
3) On the next screen enter your return address and Sister Sarah Ray in the address line, add your email in the email box below the envelope.
4) Write your letter in the text box and then hit the "send letter" box under the text box to send it on.

This site does require US $.98 Postage. You can set up an account and it will deduct the postage each time you write.

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