Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Little Trip to the Hospital!

It's ridiculouslygoodlooking here again! She has been in the MTC for just over three weeks now, and I can hardly believe it - it is incredible! Pasted below is Sarah's most recent mission adventures email - she would LOVE to hear from each of you, so PLEASE drop her a line!

Her email from October 31, 2008

"Hey Hey!!

Do you miss me yet??? I can hardly believe that I am already in week 3 of the MTC. I feel like I have been here forever and no time at all. Kinda weird. We actually get two new Portuguese districts on Wednesday, so that will be exciting. I will no longer be the bottom of the Language totem pole. Life here in the MTC is pretty much the same week after week. We do a lot of sitting and eating. Very exciting. The highlight of the week was actually Tuesday. Irma Vega and I broke out of the MTC! Well, broke out is the wrong term considering the fact that we had a shuttle pass. Irma Vega has been having some bad back problems so we have all taken turns staying with her so none of us have to miss when we have teachers. Apparently I had the lucky straw because I got to be her companion on a super fun field trip to Utah Valley Hospital. She had to go see a specialist so we were able to leave the fence...I know, scandalous! It was really weird to be driving the normal routes I used to drive, and not really being part of the real world. We did take pictures to prove it though! My favorite involves Irma Vega wearing her tag with her hospital gown--definitely a new fashion statement. I thin k it may become all the rage with the Sister missionaries. Of course then we would have to wear regular hose instead of knee highs and that could be depressing. Luckily, she is going to be fine, and hopefully will not have to have surgery. We found out that she had a small fracture on her 5th Lumbar. We are all hoping and praying that it doesn't continue to effect her work and learning.

The other highlight of Tuesday was that Elder L.Tom Perry was our devotional speaker. We had our sneaking suspicions that it was an apostle when Irma Earley and I were at choir practice. They were using a mirror to check under every single seat in the entire place. Seemed like a pretty boring job, and it didn't seem to be part of the usual security check. He gave a great devotional on missionary work and on relying on the Lord. Trusting in His plan is definitely something that I am working on right now.

Portuguese: It is actually going decently well. I am trying my utmost best to forget every bit of Spanish that I have ever learned. I am realizing it is an imperfect form of Portuguese and isn't worth knowing (sorry Dad!) In all seriousness, I really am trying to forget the Spanish because it makes it harder to learn the vocab (easer on grammar though!). It is kinda funny because when I am in class and such I am just fine with Portuguese. However, the second that I get into a teaching appointment or praying or something I revert to Spanish. That results in me being called out by my teacher. Oh well, it will come eventually. I actually can understand pretty well already and I can make myself understood just fine- I just have to remember not to use Spanish words.

As for today...we survived the temple with no mishaps. That is probably because Irma Vega is no longer on narcotics. Kinda a bummer because we have no more entertainment, but we are all really happy for her- and no one put the family file card down the laundry shoot this week!!! I did run into Adam Ruri in the temple this morning and that was fun. It is weird being so close to my prior life and not knowing what is going on. All of us sisters wave at grandma's house every time that we are up at the temple.

Anyway, Sister Earley is also doing well. In order to answer questions about her- it was inspiration that made us companions. We are pretty close to being the same person. We are very silly together at times, but we make sure that we have fun even while we are working hard. Actually, we are dressed up for Halloween today- I am her and she is me! We were super creative with the costume thing. We are going to start coming up with an MTC top 5 list for every week- so stay tuned. She is from Preston, Idaho and went to BYU-ID before the mission. She is going to Lisbon so not quite perfect, but hey, we can't all be :)

Well, my time is almost up and I can't think of any really funny stories to add. We just keep on working hard and hopefully we are improving. I know that I am improving in pretty much every way, and that is a great blessing. It is amazing how much you can learn here if you really try. I know that I am closer to my Heavenly Father because of what we are doing here. I am amazed at how strong the spirit can be even when we are just practicing teaching the lessons. It is a testimony to the fact that it is true, you can feel it even when we are just working on how to improve.

Love you all!!!


Portuguese word of the week: ótimo ... it means awesome and that is what life is! Love y'all"


Sister Sarah Ray
MTC Mailvox #157
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

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She loves and misses everyone, but can't wait to get out there and serve!

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