Sunday, December 14, 2008

Watch Out Portugal - Here She Comes!!!

Here is Sarah's very last MTC email! She seems to be doing well and I hope that all of you are writing her, especially around Christmas!!! Here it is:

"December 12, 2008

Well, the time has come that my entire district has started to freak out. I guess that happens when you are down to 4 days before departure. Half of our time has turned to packing, making sure we know where everything actually is, and trying to figure out what to cut out of our suitcases so we don't go over weight.
We had our last pretend teaching appointment, and I actually feel as if I may be able to do this....maybe. I know I need a lot of help, but luckily the Lord looks out for us, and I know I will get the help I need. I figure if we can get to the point, in two months, that we can communicate decently in a different language, we can do anything.
Anyway, as for the funny moments in life, the good times just keep on rolling. Mom, I got the jump rope in the mail- who knew that they sent jump ropes with instructions. First, it teaches you how to jump up and down without the rope. Good thing, because jumping in place could be hard for some people. Needless to say there are 7 pages of progressively more advanced steps that eventually carry the reader to the wonderful world of jumping rope. If anyone is confused about how this works let me know and I'll send you the instructions :)

Top ways to know you have been in the MTC too long:
10. You have started to forget your own 1st name
9. You vaguely know what cell phones and cars are, but you don't really remember how they work.
8. You completely plan your schedule based around when you can wear jeans.
7. You can predict the opening song of every devotional- okay that one isn't hard. Every week it is Called to Serve.
6. The clothes your brought have mysteriously shrunk in your closet.
5. You know the menu and can predict what you will be attempting to eat.
4. You have a favorite shower based on different times of the day.
3. You know where all the secret computer labs are- so you don't have to wait
2. You have figured out exactly which washers are the fastest during laundry time.
1. You pick the Sunday night movie based on which Joseph Smith is cuter

Yes unfortunately, all of these have been contributed from actual experiences of those around me. I know, we are sad. However, we are also very happy people, and I have loved the MTC experience. I also can't wait to get to Portugal in 4 days, even if I can't speak the Language quite yet. I know that will come.
Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope that you have an amazing holiday season. One thing I have learned is that the best way to enjoy the season is to serve other people! Hopefully everyone will find an opportunity to do that. Love you all and it is great to hear from you.

Irma Ray

PS. so we had a devotional last nigt that was really quite inspiring. Apparently there was a prophecy about Portugal by someone in the 12 that is will become the lighthouse of Europe in relation to the Gospel. I don't have the direct quote, but our devotional was on that last night, and it was very motivational. I feel blessed to be able to be part of this work! We went to the temple today for the last time before we leave, and I really have realized yet again how blessed we are to have the gospel in every aspect of our lives!

So funny story... I have been assigned as the travel leader for our group. Besides making sure that no one does anything stupid or gets lost/misses the plane, I am in charge of assigning companionships for the journey. My packet stipulates in large letters that one Elder and one Sister are never to be assigned as companions. Well, my travel group consists of Elder Roberts and I....and that is it. This leaves me with a small dilemma in assigning companions, but I am happy to note that I have solved the problem. For the trip we will both have split personalities! After I suggested this, it was brought to my attention that we did have split personalities....our missionary selves and our real I guess it will work! Anyway, love you lots, and I thought I would share that little snippet with you! Hope you get a laugh from it!

Irma Ray"

Note from Ridiculouslygoodlooking:

Sarah leaves for Portugal on Tuesday!!! So, if you didn't already send a letter, it is too late for you to send an MTC one. However, she still needs mail in Portugal - probably more so!!! As her dad stated, stay tuned, I will include her new address to write her in Portugal when I receive it. Let's keep supporting Sarah past her MTC experience!!! :)

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