Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Freezing Snowsisters from Braga!

Good news! We have another letter from Braga!!!

Haha... Sarah seems to be doing well even though things are a bit frustrating... You can read below for yourself, but I know that she would love to hear some encouragement right now. Also, just as a thought - I am going to fast for her and her mission on the next Fast Sunday... Anyone who would like to join me in this, that would be wonderful and mean a lot to her and to me.
I hope that things are going well with everyone and life is treating y'all well! I send my love along with Irma Ray's love! :) - Ridiculouslygoodlooking

"January 12, 2009

So we had our first holiday free week of the transfer, and we still ended up running around like Chickens with our heads cut off. It is amazing how no matter what you plan for, it will surely change. We have had quite the frusterating days this week since apparently everyone decided they don´t want to investigate the church anymore. We blame it on Irmã Souza leaving, they just all liked her better. Actually we do have some people who are just great, but it is amazing how many things will come up in their lives to keep them from us. We are working with a woman who is fantastic and pretty much already a member of the church but her husband will not let her come to church or even think about being baptized. We had Sam (Lynda Marinho´s daughter that served in Lisboa) with us at one lesson this week, and she was hillarious after we left. We were talking about how we could help Maiusa get to church and Sam suggested it would be easier if we just knock off her husband right now and do his work in the temple next year.... Too bad I don´t think President would go for that. We are doing a lot of praying though, and hopefully things will turn around. We actually had a really good lesson with her this week, she is an awesome woman. We had to push Ludimila´s baptism back, which was a bit frusterating, but we are still aiming for this month...we will see. Right now we are hoping for my birthday...what a sweet present that would be :)
As for other news...IT SNOWED IN BRAGA! not just a little, a good old snow storm that stuck and everything. That hasn´t happened in the city in over 30 years at least...if ever. It was great until we had to go outside and work, but such is life. Irmã De Mac and I have mastered the art of wearing long underware under our skirts. We have figured out the exact length that we have to pull them up so you can´t see it when we sit, but so that we get the maximum warmth. Go team Irmãs. So we hear from the members that apparently all of Europe is caught in a death grip of ice and cold. It is way colder all over Europe than pretty much ever before and no one knows why, but I definitely believe it. Fortunately this freezing spell is supposed to end sometime this week. That would be greatly appreciated since our propane tank died- which means no hot water or stove. This happened about the time I got the shampoo in my hair in the shower. IT got really cold really fast....not a fun experience. On the upside though, since we didn´t have a stove, and the oven has never worked, we are now the proud owners of a convection oven AND a microwave. It was a proud day for our little Braga apartment. THe funny part would have been watching us try and get it home from 2 miles away...I´m sure we made quite the picture trying to lug this huge box across Braga when I. De Mac is even smaller than I am. I think it was about as big as us.
The other good news is the post office is finally open again (don´t worry it was only closed for almost two weeks) so we are getting mail again....yay! We got several christmas packages this week....better late than never. So thank you to all of you who sent cards, they have definitely brightened the week.
Oh, ps I have to speak at Zone conference....again. Second time since i got in the country. Bummer, because this time it is in Portuguese... We will see how it goes. Everyone else seems to think I speak well, but I know better...lots of practice in the future. All in all it is still an awesome experience and I am loving being here. Portugal is amazing, the people, although sometimes obnoxious, are really quite open and kind people and the work is moving forward. I can hardly believe that we are in week 4 of the transfer. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life and the way I can see it effecting the lives of others. What a blessing we have. Love you all and have a marvelous week!

Irmã Ray"

The following are the options for writing Sarah. Here is what to do:

1) You can use the dearelder.com website. This requires Postage to Portugal (94 cents). You will need to set up an account with money in it and then it will subtract the correct postage from it each time you send a letter .
2) There is a drop down box on the right hand side down just a couple inches. Enter her mission which is Portugal Porto and then click "write a letter" just below where you select the mission.
3) On the next screen enter your return address and Sister Sarah Ray in the address line, add your email in the email box below the envelope.
4) Write your letter in the text box and then hit the "send letter" box under the text box to send it on.
5) Again, this requires postage so you have to set up an account and put money into it and then it will substract each time you write.


2) The alternate way for sending anything (i.e. letters, packages, etc) through the mail is below. This is her address in her current area (Braga):

Sister Sarah Ray

Rua Padre Antonio Vieira
Nº91 5º Tras
Braga 4710-374

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