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Weekly Review... Hanging on to Faith!

Hey everyone!
Here is the update from Irma Ray - I hope y'all enjoy and remember to keep sending her your support and prayers. If you don't already know, Sarah's 23rd Birthday is in a few weeks! I am excited about an idea I had - I want to have as many people as I can write her at least a paragraph to her and telling her why you love her, and email it to me. I will print them all off and send them to her as a Happy Birthday from all of us! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you can email ASAP me at: with you letters, that would be great. She knows I am sending her a birthday/valentine's package, so have letters to me no later than Feb. 1st!!!

Thanks for the love and support you send her and write her/email me soon! *muah* - Ridiculouslygoodlooking

"From Sister Sarah Ray

Okey dokey... This week has been absolutely crazy.
Monday: okay so P-day last week was lame because it was transfer cleanings and inspections, so all we did was clean.
Tuesday: We got to go to Porto once missionary meeting. Hooray for being on your mission for 3 months, we are going to tell you exactly the same thing that we told you when you got here. The good news is that Irmã Henry did cook us all American food and we got to go see the Porto lighthouse. I will try and send pictures but I don´t know that it will work on this computer. We actually had a good time, but didn´t get a whole lot done. So when we finally got back to Braga, I had the wonderful pleasure of getting on a bus and going to Guimarães for two days on divisions. So, Mom, as far as work goes, Tuesday was a bust- we had one lição. Sad day- especially since the space heater in Guimarães doesn´t work. So basically we were camping inside.
Wednesday: District Meeting took up half of the day since we have to travel to get there sometimes. Unfortunately then I spent the day still on divisions trying to find places that Irmã Beckett "thought" the investigators lived. It was a bit entertaining, but we made the best of it. Guimarães is the oldest city in Portugal and they have a really cool castle that we are going to try and go to some P-day. Unfortunately that is accompanied with people who do not want to listen to us at all. Not for lack of trying.
Thursday: Zone Conference, and yes Mom, I did have to speak. Two zone conferences, two talks. Wow, I must really need help with learning things. This one was on missionary work (go figure) and I had to do it in Portuguese. Slightly nerve wracking since every other sister in our zone...there are 5, are native speakers. BUT, I survived, and I think people understood. That remains to be seen. Anyway, after zone conference I got to go back to Braga-yay! Of course by the time we got back to our apartment we only had about 2 hours of the day left.
Friday: weekly planning for can you believe it- week 5 of the transfer. We get transfer calls this week, although I´m not expecting to go anywhere. Anyway, planning takes a good 4 hours, so Friday was a bummer of a day for the work as well. We had a lot of time to go knocking doors, which really just consists of us standing outside of a big building and pushing button after button until someone lets us in. Just a bit different from Andrew having to tract in Snowflake!

So basically our week was not so good for actually getting out and talking to people, so we were way bugged about it yesterday. So in a determination to actually get something done yesterday, we picked the biggest apartment building around (14 floors, 114 apartments) and we knocked the whole thing. The good news is out of our 14 floors we ended up with16 other lessons and 4 new investigators, so we will see how that goes. We still have Ludimila marked for baptism, but we had to move the date back because she still won´t come to church. She is really excited about it, but then she never comes. Grr. We will have to see what we can do about that. Our other investigator that was really close is now having issues too. Dad you said the problem you usually ran into was not being married. I´m pretty sure the problem in Portugal is that they are. It seems that mission wide every time we get someone close, they stop investigating or won´t come to church because of their husband/boyfriend. Mayusa´s husband won´t let her come to church right now, so we are trying to figure out how to deal with that. I´m sure that is will all work out, the Lord looks out for everyone. I´ll have to admit though, that sometimes it is hard when we don´t know the how it is going to happen. That is when we just need faith.

Love you all,
Irmã Ray"

If you want to spread the love to Sarah, here is what to do:

1) You can use the website. This requires Postage to Portugal (94 cents). You will need to set up an account with money in it and then it will subtract the correct postage from it each time you send a letter .
2) There is a drop down box on the right hand side down just a couple inches. Enter her mission which is Portugal Porto and then click "write a letter" just below where you select the mission.
3) On the next screen enter your return address and Sister Sarah Ray in the address line, add your email in the email box below the envelope.
4) Write your letter in the text box and then hit the "send letter" box under the text box to send it on.
5) Again, this requires postage so you have to set up an account and put money into it and then it will substract each time you write.


2) The alternate way for sending anything (i.e. letters, packages, etc) through the mail is below. This is her address in her current area (Braga):

Sister Sarah Ray
Rua Padre Antonio Vieira
Nº91 5º Tras
Braga 4710-374

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