Thursday, July 9, 2009

"The Portugal Letters" Return...

Enjoy Sarah's latest update - she even tells about meeting some people from GEORGIA! Holla! Haha... Enjoy!
- Ridiculouslygoodlooking

"July 6, 2009

Well, big news for the week is that President and Sister Walton made it here in one piece. We actually had a big meeting with them the next day and they seem really nice. I think it is going to be a great thing for the mission. I really like them. It will be interesting to see how things change here. Speaking of which we get transfer calls this week, so we will see who is leaving Gaia. I really would like to stay as we are just starting to get comfortable with the area, but I kinda have a feeling that it is going to be me who leaves. It makes more sense that Irmá Polito finishes her mission here. Of course anything is possible.

However, after 6 months together I finally succeeded in turning Irmã Polito American. For the 4th of July she dressed in Red white and Blue and proudly serenaded our district with "I´m Proud to be an American". it was much improved over our other Brazilian who just complained that we were able to have a district activity. Party Pooper. We did have to work all day, but we had permission to have a BBQ for dinner. However, since the office elders stole the grill from our chapel for an office party we ended up buying our grilled chicken and french fries...which we then did our best to sing the star spangled banner and let everyone know that actually, it was a holiday. No one seemed to believe us. We thought it was pretty funny that in our district of 7 we had a Japanese elder and two Brazilians, but we still had a party. Irmã Polito and I drew a giant American flag and we hung it in the chapel. We also made the rule that only English would be spoken. It was kinda hard.

SO I tried to contact in English the other day and it was rough. There are 50 guys from Georgia here in Gaia right now being trained for a factory that is opening by Savannah...I discovered this after recognizing someone wearing the UGA logo on the metro. Irmã Polito didn´t think they were American, but they were ...good old southerners with a heavy accent. I felt right at home.

Well, I have written a novel this week so I apologize for the lengthy reading. Have a fantastic week everyone and thank you for the support. The church is true, the gospel is worth it!

Irmã Ray"


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