Sunday, August 15, 2010

32 months

It has been 32 months since my family has all been in the same room....

I am happy to say that this Friday that was changed! I came home from efy in California on Saturdsay (well really Sunday morning), Andrew returned from his mission in Las Vegas West on Tuesday, Dad and Bryan came in from Utah on Friday. So as of about 1am on Saturday, we were once again gathered around the island in our kitchen. It was so much fun!!! I had forgotten how funny my brothers are, especially when they get around each other.

I am so thankful for family! Especially mine. I feel so blessed that I have them, and convinced that I have the best family in the entire world. Thanks guys!!!!

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Unknown said...

i can't wait to see all of you!!!! please just come to eat with pete. i'm pretty sure i need you to.