Monday, August 9, 2010

Making Up

So I have been duly chastised for my lack of blogging in the recent months. I apologize to all those avid readers... the two that I have :)

In keeping with the theme...I will chronicle my summer adventures. I was once again working with the efy program as a health counselor. I was assigned to the California team. As a result I also HAD to go to Hawaii, part of which we just had to hang out waiting for our next session to start. As I have been told that a picture is worth a thousand words....I will post pictures. My camera speaks better than I do!

However, it was a fantastic trip. We were able to stay after for a couple days and we rented a little house across the street from the Hukilau beach. It was gorgeous weather, and the perfect break in the middle of the efy press for the summer. We were so lucky to be there. I have decided that it is a far better option to go to BYU Hawaii during the winter months. Too bad there is no nursing program.

Now in an effort to keep this from being overwhelming and boring, I am done. However, I will keep my eye out for the funny stories since i have no more big trips. Hopefully the next post will be more entertaining, but at least I have started again!

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Linze Kate said...

You're blogging! I'm so PROUD! Haha... I just discovered that you posted - I'm thrilled. For real.