Friday, May 23, 2008

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard.”

Despite the fact that I can hardly believe it, our time here in Guayaquil has come to a close. I am actually very sad to be leaving the people here. I have had such amazing experiences getting to know all of them and having the opportunity to serve. I also feel like I am just getting to the point where I can understand what most of them are saying! I guess life is like that. As soon as you start to adjust to things, Heavenly Father decides that you are not allowed to get comfortable. That is how we grow in all aspects, but it is still sad sometimes. I definitely miss many things when they change, but I am thankful for the lessons that I learn with each new experience. I think the people here are actually going to miss us just a little bit as well. This morning I taught CPR at the Psych hospital, and it was definitely an experience. First of all we had some technical difficulties with the video- so we got to do it all on our own. On top of that there was a guy who was following me around with a video camera to get everything that I said. I was slightly ashamed because my spanish is horrible, and i'm sure that if the American Heart Association saw our teaching sessions all of our certifications would be revoked! It was fun to work with all the little nuns, they all wanted to take pictures too. I guess I am slightly disappointed because they all wear white, not black. Oh well. Later we had lunch with the head honchos from the Junta and it was really fun. They seemed to be genuinely sad that we were leaving even though I'm sure we were probably more trouble than help. Our entire afternoon was spent going part to party to say goodbye to everyone. David's Mom threw us a huge pool party and closed the restaurant in order to feed us. It was really nice of her, but we had all eaten so much already that we were forcing ourselves to eat so that we would not offend her. That night the church had a YSA dance, which was also very fun. Dances are quite different here, they are all reggaton and salsa dancing...needless to say we all had a great time and are quite sad to be leaving!

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