Thursday, May 15, 2008

No room at the Inn

So in the maternity hospital down here there are an average of 90ish babies born every day. That is a very very large number compared to the 20-50ish that are born in the hospitals back in Utah. As a result we have quite the overcrowding in the nursery. It seemed like we were playing musical babies today. Every time I would pick up a baby there would be another one moved into the bed. Then I would have to go searching for a place to put the one I had in my hands. Eventually we ran out of room and then we got to double up. It was very different. The trick was making sure that when the Moms came, we could find the right baby. Just a bit different than in the states! I do have to admit it was kinda sad to see the Moms going down the lines of babies and looking at the name tags on their feet to try and find out which one belonged to them. It doesn't seem like they have the opportunity to see their baby really at all for the first day at least. How sad for them! The babies that had been to see their mothers usually came back with different clothes, so they were a bit easier to tell apart. One of the little boys in the picture was wearing a shirt that said Future Quarterback. I'm pretty sure the family had no idea what it said-but we thought it was pretty funny!
Of course probably the funniest thing to happen to us is when we all changed into our surgical scrubs. We kinda forgot that everyone in this country is short and round. I don't think anyone's scrubs came all the way down their legs, and I had to wrap the tie all the way around my waist to keep them up!

On another note, we had an awesome party last night that consisted of quite a lot of food, a mariachi band and lots of dancing. David's mom threw him a birthday party at her restaurant and it was quite the experience. I think we all had a great time, and I don't even know what everything I ate was. That seems to be happening a lot down here.....

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