Friday, May 16, 2008

"You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance."

I am now at the Pediatric hospital- which is worlds different from any other hospital in the city. Apparently they get quite a few more donations than any one else. The Cardiologist I made friends with yesterday took me into the Cath lab which was state of the art. He was very proud to tell us that the ENTIRE lab was donated by Mel Gibson, and the doctor had made Mrs. Gibson laugh at the presentation. He was very nice, and was showing me all the new equipment in the ICU. I think everyone though we were med students because we had stethoscopes. Only the doctors use those here, so we were treated as way above the nurses. It was sad to see all of the kids in such bad condition! The highlight of the day was being able to take a bunch of toy kits put together by kids in the states and hand them out to the kids in the hospital. It was amazing to see the happiness that a box of crayons would bring to one of those kids! They were so thankful to get them and some of the kids became completely different people once someone showed then a little care. Sadly we couldn't take pictures in this hospital, so we only have the ones in front. I wish you could see those kid's faces- it makes everything seem to be a better place!!!!

We also have been teaching several heath fairs. Everyone seems to be very excited to come hear the Americans talk. We have done two this week and I think we have 4 more over the next week! I have to admit, we are getting a little tired of the same lessons over and over again. I think this is compounded by the fact that I am teaching injections, and Corey likes to use me as the demonstration...not exactly the most fun part of my job! I also have the distinct feeling that people keep looking at my bum considering we have to show them all the acceptable sites and once again I am the dummy-literally! Luckily we have them practice on oranges...not quite as painful!

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Tyler said...

You gotta love those latin american yellow oranges. So much different than the Cali and Florida ones. However, I assume that they both are just as effective to test injections.